At UV Creations we believe in making movies the way people love them. We believe that films must be engaging, exciting and entertaining. We believe that a successful film is an ensemble and a careful balance of a gripping script, a decent cast, acting brilliance, artistic visualization, fine portrayal, music that appeals thematically and of course superb cinematography.

Cinema is the easiest connect to people and the most efficacious way of sending a powerful message. Audiences love challenging, exciting and thoroughly enjoyable stories portrayed beautifully. Only such films will be remembered for a long time to come, which would be soulfully reminisced time and again. And that is our whole purpose at UV Creations.

We at UV Creations have been setting exemplary trends with the movies we have made. In an era where a movie’s life is just about a few days, almost all the films from our production house were monstrous successes. This has been possible only due to our uncanny ability to understand the viewers’ pulse and offer them a refreshing and highly entertaining change. UV Creations has always expected and respected viewers’ tastes.

We believe that movies fail only when audiences are taken for granted. It is impossible to expect success by rubbing gibberish onto audiences and we believe in not thrusting outlandish ideas onto people through films. And yes this diligent understanding of how films work has ensured our success, making us one of the most renowned movie production houses of today in Telugu cinema. We are certain that in the not very distant future, we would be one of the most sought for film makers in the Indian movie industry.


Our promoters belong to a genre of established and well respected film makers with remarkable exposure to the art of making great films. With a comprehensive knowledge of classic and contemporary global cinema, they have brought in every measure of excellence to each film made. With a thorough understanding of film art, the intricacies of modern film making technology, and each miniscule element that contributes to create a good film, UV Creationsunder the stewardship of this brilliant trio, is on a steady path of redrawing the meaning of movie entertainment in India.

Mission & VISION

To bring forth the most beautiful films ever made, encompassing all the elements of successful movie making while imbibing the most modern technologies and ensuring a strong relationship with everyone who contributes to our success.